Thursday, November 19, 2009

19 November 2009

I finally managed to take a photo of the whole length of Tramontana - it's hard to fit her in the frame. I had to wait until the pen beside us was empty so that I could get far enough away to take this shot. She has very clean lines, and it's much easier to walk around on deck than on Malaika.

A view of Tramontana from the port side looking aft. Lex is working with a piece of teak on the back deck, making a mounting plate for an outboard motor to be carried on the aft rail.

The blue material covers the new dinghy, which is stowed upright - with a 15 hp Yamaha attached - on the back deck. We lift it out of the water with the boom, swing it around and over the deck, and then lower it into place. Almost as easy as it sounds!

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