Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26 January 2010

Australia Day and we have been back in Darwin now for just over a month. Looks like we'll be here for the rest of this year, while our boat remains in Thailand for the time being. Lex has gone back to Chambers to work, and I'm back at my computer getting to grips with the next book.

We're also following young Jessica Watson on her solo circumnavigation in Ella's Pink Lady. What an amazing young woman she is! We met her in Brisbane, about April last year, when we were still in a profound state of shock and (crazily) thinking we should buy a HalbergRassy we saw there. A small pink yacht with a slip of a girl on board was tied up next to the HR. We had a chat and wished her well, and were both struck by her quiet and gracious resilience. If any 16 year old could do that sail, we felt that she could. Ali would have been so excited to have met Jessica. I can hear her now, saying: "Awesome, omigod, she's awesome..."

It's time for us to stop wandering and being a bit lost. It's almost a year now since we lost our girl, and it still seems like it happened last week. It'll be good to settle in one spot for a while, amongst family and friends, and find ourselves and our purpose again. This will be our last post on this blog.

When we decide to get back on the water, we'll start a new blog with a link back to this one and vice versa. We'll let you know!

We can be reached on Jo's email if you've lost it - jvanos55@gmail.com

Thanks for being part of our travels.

Jo and Lex

SY Malaika, now SY Tramontana

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